Greetings, Everyone!!

Thank you for attending today’s concert! It’s always a pleasure to welcome you all once again to a performance by the Symphoria Youth Orchestra. Our season is off to a great start, and we’re so delighted to present today’s music to you.

I’d like to thank the following for making this concert possible:

First, our sincere thanks to Rory Edwards and the SCSD Fine Arts Department for generously providing Henninger High School as today’s SYO concert venue. Thanks to Dr. Lisa Miller and Onondaga Community College for offering their rehearsal spaces.

Thank you to the Syracuse Sounds of Music Association and Susan Klenk for providing tuition assistance so that the SYO can be affordable to all young musicians. Our season sponsor is Matthew Vacanti, owner of Arco Art Violin Shop.

Thank you to Jon Garland and Tim Guhl for helping produce this concert. Thank you to Pamela Murchison for managing our front-of-house area.

Many thanks to Edgar Tumajyan, Noemi Miloradovic, Walden Bass, Carol Sasson, George Macero, William Ford-Smith, Heidi Hoffman, Kathryn Sloat, Joshua Kerr, Emilie Tupper, Eduardo Sepúlveda, Laura Smith, Rachel Koeth, and Ben Dettleback for holding sectional rehearsals to prepare them for today’s concert! Thanks to Arvilla Wendland for booking all of these fantastic coaches.

Thanks to my excellent work-study students for helping set up rehearsals with me: Will Lesser, Dominick Brigandi, Leo Wang, Hazel Bazzano, Kaleb Cox, Delong Ni, Abigail Binder, Janie Kang, and Sylvia Min.

Thank you to Dr. Robert Auler for substitute conducting for Jessica Tumajyan, and for his piano contributions to SYSO. Big thank you to Steve Salem for substitute conducting during Dr. McShee’s family leave. While we look forward to working with Dr. McShee again, Steve has been a fantastic addition to the SYO family!

Symphoria has a wonderful run of holiday shows this December that are fun and family-friendly! Please visit for more information. Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing you in the new year!

Happy Holidays!
Nicky Radford, SYO Manager