Music has a powerful ability to promote healing and transform our bodies and minds. Recognition of the power of live music is growing among medical professionals and therapists because of its ability to enhance the overall patient experience. The use of live music in healthcare settings has been shown to have a positive effect on patients’ anxiety level, blood pressure, and heart rate.

Through its Healing Harmonies Program, Symphoria has teamed up with several key healthcare institutions in the Central New York region to bring live music with therapeutic benefits directly to patients undergoing treatment. With generous assistance from several local foundations, Symphoria musicians perform for patients in partner facilities; many patients may otherwise be unable to attend a symphony concert due to their physical challenges.

Symphoria musicians perform several times weekly for patients at Hematology Oncology Associates in East Syracuse and Onondaga Hill, St. Joseph’s Dialysis at the Northeast Medical Center in Fayetteville, as well as our newest partner site, the Upstate Cancer Center in Syracuse. Healing Harmonies musicians have also brought live music to patients and residents at St. Camillus Health and Rehabilitation CenterHearth on JamesKaye Center for Cancer Wellness, and Upstate University Hospital.

Ongoing patient evaluations and medical personnel provide feedback and indicate that the majority of patients appreciate and welcome the live music being played before and during their treatments. For information about the Healing Harmonies program, contact our Community Engagement Manager, Lara Mosby.


Ronald & Nancy Caravan
Laurie Clark
Darrin Dayton
Robert & Vicki Feldman
Tobey Fischer
Dale & Susan Gifford
Michele Gottschalk
Stacey Howard
Fritz Messere & Nola Heidlebaugh
James & Ginger Ruddock
Carolyn Smith
Mark & Mary Phelps
James Schunck
Jeffrey Smith & Leslie Kohman
Olwen Wright

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