Symphoria is always looking for talented individuals who can help expand our mission to influence and educate the Syracuse community through the power of music.  View the information below to learn about our available positions and how to apply.  Thank you for your interest in Symphoria!


All winning candidates are required to show proof of US citizenship or eligibility to work in the United States.


Symphoria is accepting video auditions from qualified violinists for three One-Year Section Violin positions (2021-2022 season only). Employment begins September 1, 2021.

  • Application review will begin June 15, 2021.  Candidates may be invited to participate in an online or in-person final round July 19, 2021.
  • Tenure-track violin auditions anticipated during the 2021-22 season.

Video Guidelines:

  • All recordings must be recorded in a single take with a single camera and must be unedited.
  • Upload audition video to a file-sharing site or YouTube, with privacy set to “unlisted”
  • Complete Application. Include the link to your video audition.

Required Repertoire:

1) Exposition of a standard concerto. A recent video of a live concert or recital may be submitted instead of the exposition of a standard concerto.

2) 4 excerpts from the following list

  • BEETHOVEN: Symphony no. 9, Movement III: Bar 99 – 114
  • BRAHMS: Symphony no. 4, Movement IV: Bar 33 – 80 (Reh. D)
  • DEBUSSY: La Mer, Movement II: Reh. 33 to 6 bars after 38
  • MENDELSSOHN: Midsummer Night’s Dream, Scherzo: Bar 17 to bar 93 (letter D)
  • MOZART: Symphony #29 in A Major, Movement II: Beginning to downbeat of bar 27
  • PROKOFIEV: Classical Symphony, Movement I: Beginning to Reh. H
  • SCHUMANN: Symphony no. 2, Scherzo: Beginning (with repeat) to bar 48
  • STRAUSS: Don Juan: page 1 (up to bar 62)

Please contact Arvilla Wendland at if you have questions.

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Auditions for Substitute and Extra Musicians are held periodically. To be considered please send a one page résumé to Arvilla Wendland at

Please note: all repertoire is subject to change.


First movement of a major Romantic or 20th Century Concerto

All First Violin Parts

  • Brahms – Symphony No. 4, 4th movement – m. 33 to Reh. D (m. 80)
  • Mozart – Symphony No. 29 in A major, 2nd movement – Beginning to downbeat of m. 27
  • Prokofiev – Classical Symphony, 1st movement – Beginning to Reh. H
  • Schumann – Symphony No. 2, 2nd movement – Beginning to m. 48
  • Strauss – Don Juan – 1st page (Beginning to m. 66)


One movement from a major concerto OR One movement from an unaccompanied Bach Sonata or Partita

  • Bach – Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, last movement (Viola I)
  • Beethoven – Symphony No. 5, 2nd movement
  • Brahms – Symphony No. 1, 2nd movement – mm. 28-39 (downbeat only) and mm. 53-62, 3rd movement – mm. 87-108 (downbeat of 1st ending)
  • Mendelssohn – Scherzo from Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Mozart – Symphony No. 40, 4th movement
  • Strauss – Don Juan – Beginning to Reh. B (1st page)


First movement of a standard concerto

  • Beethoven – Symphony No. 5, 2nd movement – theme and 2 variations
  • Brahms – Symphony No.2, 2nd movement, beginning thru m.16
  • Mendelssohn – Midsummer Night’s dream, Scherzo, N to O
  • Mozart – Symphony No. 35, movements 1 and 4
  • Strauss – Don Juan, Beginning to D


First movement of any standard concerto OR Two contrasting movements from a Baroque Sonata OR Two movements from a cello Suite by J.S. Bach

  • Wagner – Prelude to “Die Meistersinger” – J to end
  • Beethoven – Symphony No. 5, 3rd movement
  • Beethoven – Symphony No. 9, 4th movement – Beginning (Presto) to B
  • Tchaikovsky – Symphony No. 4, 3rd movement
  • Brahms – Symphony No. 1, 1st movement – Reh. E to 1st ending, 2nd movement – 8 bars after Reh. B to Reh. C
  • Strauss – Till Eulenspiegel 1 bar before Reh. 3 to 5 bars before Reh. 4 and Reh. 35 to 4 bars before Reh. 38
  • Mozart – Overture to “The Magic Flute”



Mozart Concerto in G Major- 1st movement, exposition

  • Beethoven – Leonore Overture No. 3 – mm. 1-36 and mm. 328-360
  • Brahms – Symphony No. 4 – 4th movement – mm. 89-105
  • Mendelssohn – Midsummer Night’s Dream – Scherzo, 12 before P to the end
  • Ravel – Daphnis et Chloe – Reh. 176 to 2 after Reh. 179


  • Beethoven – Symphony No. 9, last movement solo mm. 343-374 or 16 before H through 16 after H
  • Rossini –  Overture to Semiramide, 5 after G through 3 after H and 8 before U through letter U
  • Ravel – Bolero – 3 after Reh. 8 to Reh. 9 (2nd flute part, doubling piccolo)

*Flutists are encouraged to audition on flute and piccolo, but may specify flute only. 


Mozart Concerto in C major, K. 314, 1st movement

All First Oboe Parts

  • Brahms – Concerto for Violin, 2nd  movement
  • Stravinsky – Pulcinella, Serenata – first solo
  • Ravel – Le Tombeau de Couperin, 1st movement – opening solo, and 5th measure of Reh. 8 to Reh. 9
  • Tchaikovsky – Symphony No. 4, 2nd and 3rd movements
  • Mendelssohn – Symphony No. 3 “Scottish”, 2nd and 4th movements
  • Rossini – La Scala di Seta, first allegro solo

English Horn (optional)

  • Berlioz – Roman Carnival
  • Dvorak – New World Symphony, 2nd movement – opening solo
  • Debussy – Fetes (2nd movement of Nocturnes) – opening to Reh. 4, and Reh. 14-15
  • Respighi – Pines of Rome, 4th movement solo


Mozart Concerto, 1st movement (exposition section)

All First Clarinet Parts (except where marked)

  • Beethoven – Symphony No. 6, 1st movement – mm. 474- 492 (2 before Reh. K to 17 after Reh. K) 2nd movement – mm. 68-78 (1 before Reh. D to Reh. E)
  • Beethoven – Symphony No. 8, 3rd movement – trio section
  • Dvorak – Symphony No. 8 (2ND CLARINET), 2nd movement duets – Reh. A to Reh. B and Reh. F to Reh. G
  • Mendelssohn – Scherzo from Midsummer Night’s Dream, Beginning to Reh. B (mm. 1-48)
  • Mendelssohn – Fingal’s Cave Overture (2ND CLARINET), duet section after Reh. F
  • Rachmaninoff – Symphony No. 2, 3rd movement – opening solo
  • Rimsky-Korsakov – Scheherazade, 2nd movement – cadenza (Reh. F to Reh. G), 3rd movement – Reh D. to Reh. F, 4th movement – Reh. I to Reh. K

Eb Clarinet (optional)

  • Berlioz – Symphonie Fantastique, 5th movement – mm.40-65 (Reh. 63 to five after Reh. 64)
  • Ravel – Daphnis et Chloe Suite No. 2, “Big Solo” only (Reh. 200 to Reh. 204)
  • Ravel – Bolero
  • Strauss – Till Eulenspiegel’s Merry Pranks, cadenza only (Reh. 40 for thirteen measures)

Bass Clarinet (optional)

  • Stravinsky – Rite of Spring, 1st part – Reh. 11 to Reh. 12
  • Grofé – Grand Canyon Suite On the Trail – 3 after Reh. 2 to Reh. 3
  • Ravel – Daphnis et Chloe Suite No. 2 – Reh. 156 to 3 after Reh. 157; Reh. 165 to 3 after Reh. 167
  • Strauss – Don Quixote – Reh. 14 to 5 after Reh. 16 and Reh. 72 to Reh. 74


Solo of choice

  • Mussorgsky – Pictures at an Exhibition
  • Prokofiev – Romeo and Juliet – Montagues and Capulets
  • Ravel – Bolero


Mozart Concerto, 1st movement

All First Bassoon Parts

  • Mozart – Marriage of Figaro Overture
  • Prokofiev – Peter and the Wolf
  • Ravel – Bolero
  • Rimsky-Korsakov – Scheherazade
  • Tchaikovsky – Symphony No. 4 – 2nd movement
  • Tchaikovsky – Symphony No. 6 – 1st movement (opening solo)

Contrabassoon (optional)

  • Beethoven – Symphony No. 5 – 4th movement


Mozart Concerto No. 2 or No. 4, 1st movement

  • Beethoven – Symphony No. 6, 3rd movement – Horn 1
  • Brahms – Symphony No. 3, 3rd movement – Horn 1
  • Tchaikovsky – Symphony No. 4, 1st movement opening – Horn 1 & 2
  • Tchaikovsky – Symphony No. 5, 2nd movement solo – Horn 1
  • Strauss – Til Eulenspiegel, Horn 1 opening call, Horn 1 & 3 alternating calls up to high C
  • Shostakovich – Symphony No. 5, 1st movement low tutti – Horn 1


Haydn – Concerto in E flat, 2nd movement

First Trumpet Parts

  • Stravinsky – Petrouchka, Ballerina’s Dance
  • Mussorgsky  – Pictures at an Exhibition, Promenade
  • Mahler – Symphony No. 5, opening
  • Brahms – Academic Overture

Second Trumpet Parts

  • Bartok – Concerto for Orchestra, Finale solos
  • Stravinsky – Firebird, Danse Infernale
  • Beethoven – Violin Concerto



Solo of choice

  • Berlioz – Hungarian March – Second Trombone
  • Mozart – Tuba Mirum – Second Trombone
  • Ravel – Bolero – First Trombone
  • Wagner – Ride of the Valkyries


Solo of choice

  • Berlioz – Hungarian March
  • Respighi – Fountains of Rome
  • Schumann Symphony No. 3, 4th movement
  • Wagner – Ride of the Valkyries


One movement of a concerto OR equivalent length solo

  • Stravinsky – “Bear” solo from Petroushka
  • Wagner – Die Meistersinger, Prelude Act I
  • Wagner – Ride of the Valkyries
  • Wagner – A Faust Overture (Beginning)
  • Berlioz – Symphonie Fantastique
  • Mahler – Symphony No. 1, slow movement solo



  • Kabalevsky – Colas Breugnon Overture
  • Copland – Hoe-Down from “Rodeo”

Snare Drum

  • Rimsky-Korsakov – Scheherazade
  • Rimsky-Korsakov – Capriccio Espagnol


  • Tchaikovsky – Romeo and Juliet
  • Rachmaninoff – Piano Concerto No. 2


  • Dvorak – Carnival Overture
  • Bizet – Aragonaise from “Carmen”

Bass Drum

  • Mahler – Symphony no. 5
  • Berlioz – Symphonie fantastique


  • Brahms – Symphony No. 4
  • Bizet – Danse Boheme from “Carmen”


  • Beethoven – Symphony No. 1
  • Beethoven – Symphony No. 9
  • Hindemith – Symphonic Metamorphosis
  • Tchaikovsky – Symphony No. 4

*Percussionists are encouraged to audition on all instruments, but may choose to audition for percussion only or timpani only.


Handel Concerto in B flat

  • Cadenza from Tchaikovksy’s Nutcracker
  • Berlioz – Symphony Fantastique
  • Mahler – Adagietto from Symphony No. 5
  • Debussy – The Afternoon of a Faun
  • Wagner – Prelude and Isolde’s Love Death from Tristan and Isolde
  • Stravinsky – Firebird
  • Rimsky-Korsakov – Capriccio Espagnol



  • Copland – Appalachian Spring (13 instrument version) – Reh 6 to Reh 14 and Reh 47 to Reh 51
  • Saint-Saens – Carnival of the Animals – Aquarium and Finale (Piano 1)
  • Saint-Saens – Symphony No. 3, Mvmt. 2 – 6 before Reh D to Reh E and Reh S to the end (Primo Piano)
  • Stravinsky – Petrouchka (1911) – Reh 2 to Reh 5, Reh 33 to Reh 47, Reh 48 to Reh 49, and 1 before Reh 52 to 4 after Reh 58
  • Stravinsky – Firebird Suite (1919) – Variation of the Firebird (complete)


  • Holst – The Planets – Mvmt. 3 Mercury (complete)
  • Tchaikovsky – Nutcracker, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (complete)
  • Shostakovich – Symphony No. 5, Mvmt. 3 – Reh 96 to the end

*Acceptance to Symphoria’s Substitute and Extra List does not guarantee employment.

Symphoria is proud to be a partner orchestra of the National Alliance for Audition Support (NAAS), an unprecedented national initiative to increase diversity in American orchestras. It will do so by offering Black and Latinx musicians a customized combination of mentoring, audition preparation, financial support, and audition previews. Learn more at



Position Announcement: Symphoria Youth Orchestra Music Director
Reports to: Symphoria Music Director and Executive Director
Status: Part-time, non-exempt
Salary: $18,000
PDF Announcement: Position Announcement

Start Date: September 1, 2021
Review of submissions will begin on May 10th and continue until the position is filled.

Organizational Overview: Symphoria is Central New York’s professional orchestra, led by Music Director Lawrence Loh. Each school year, 150+ of the region’s most talented musicians between the ages of 8-22 perform in the Symphoria Youth Orchestras (SYO). The SYO system contains three orchestras in progressive levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced):

  • the Symphoria Youth String Orchestra (SYSO), a beginning-level string orchestra
  • the Symphoria Youth Repertory Orchestra (SYRO), an intermediate-level full orchestra
  • the Symphoria Young Artists Orchestra (SYAO), an advanced full orchestra

The SYO presents 3 concerts per season during the school year in addition to chamber music opportunities, masterclasses, and an annual concerto competition. Both the SYAO and SYRO perform side-by-side with Symphoria once per season. Professional musicians from the orchestra provide orchestral and chamber music coachings throughout the season. For information, visit

Position Overview: The Symphoria Youth Orchestra (SYO) Music Director (MD) is a high-energy artistic leader who conducts the SYAO and SYRO and shapes the creative vision and mission of the SYO program. The SYO MD will be a leading voice in engaging with SYO members, the Central New York community, and the Symphoria team (including SYO staff, Symphoria staff, musicians, the Board of Directors, and the Education & Outreach Committee). The SYO MD is a supporter of the highest standard of musical excellence among our members, a spokesperson dedicated to increasing our visibility in CNY, and an advocate for expanding the reach and opportunities of the program year round.

Position Responsibilities Include:

  • Serving as SYO Music Director and conductor for the SYAO and SYRO
  • Leading all SYAO and SYRO rehearsals on Sunday afternoons in Syracuse
  • Assisting with the SYAO and SYRO placement auditions, the annual SYO Concerto

Competition, and evaluating SYO Masterclass applications

  • Annually re-evaluating audition procedures and refining SYO operations policies
  • Develop SYAO and SYRO programming which enhances musical skills, and achieves defined

learning and performance objectives.

  • Regularly observing SYSO rehearsals to provide ongoing constructive feedback and guidance to conductors of those groups
  • Planning and directing recruitment efforts in collaboration with the SYO Manager and the Symphoria Education and Outreach Committee
  • Speaking publicly when called upon to do so as an advocate for the SYO and music education. Provide leadership in the arts community as relates to youth music education
  • Maintaining current knowledge of evolving industry practices and standards to ensure the highest possible artistic achievements
  • Developing and maintaining learning/performance objectives for each of the three orchestras in consultation with artistic and managerial leadership
  • Serving as a flexible and committed team-member with Symphoria administrative and artistic staff, demonstrating outstanding interpersonal, organizational, and communication (oral and written) skills
  • Communicating regularly with SYO members, SYO manager, Symphoria staff, Education Committee while possessing the ability to process constructive feedback


  • Demonstrated success as a conductor
  • A passion for both symphonic music and education of young musicians

Proven ability to work collaboratively within a community, build and cultivate relationships and create community partnerships

  • Ability to work a flexible schedule, to include evenings and weekends
  • Excellent communication and organization skills, public speaking skills
  • A supporter of Symphoria’s mission and vision

Strongest candidates will have a commitment to education and young students along with experience conducting in a professional capacity

How to Apply: Please email a cover letter, résumé, 3 professional references, and up to three video link(s) of the candidate conducting a variety of repertoire in one attachment with “Youth Orchestra Music Director” in the subject line to:

Final candidates will participate in interviews via video conference at a mutually agreeable time and may be asked to audition in person.



Position Announcement: Marketing Coordinator
Reports to: Executive Director
Status: Full-Time, Non-Exempt
Salary Range: $38,000 – $40,000/year plus health benefits (optional employee-paid vision and dental insurance available)
PDF Announcement: Position Announcement

Organizational Overview: As Central New York’s professional orchestra, Symphoria presents 50+ orchestra concerts each year through its Masterworks, Pops, Casual, Spark, Kids,and free Summer concert series and reaches 100,000 people annually in venues ranging from libraries to public parks to its home venue, the Crouse-Hinds Theater at the Civic Center. Presenting every genre of music, from Beethoven to jazz to the music of Star Wars, Symphoria’s mission is to engage and inspire all community members throughout Central New York with outstanding orchestral and ensemble performances, and innovative education and outreach initiatives. Symphoria’s vision is to contribute to a diverse, vibrant, equitable, and culturally rich community through the power of great music, and in so doing, enhance the quality of life and economic vitality of Central New York.

Position Overview: The Marketing Manager is a detail-oriented music-lover responsible for online media marketing support, writing press releases, newsletters, creating marketing and advertising collateral (digital and print), and data-driven marketing andmanagement. The Marketing Manager supports all aspects of the Symphoria’s marketing, communications, and audience development efforts. The manager requires strong writing skills, an eye for design, and the highest standards for accuracy and detail. The Marketing Manager will work to achieve marketing and audience development goals for Symphoria.

Position Responsibilities include:

  • Development, implementation, and monitoring of electronic marketing campaigns including, Google AdWords, Facebook/Instagram, and Google Display campaigns, etc.
  • Content creation, management, and monitoring of social media posts and platforms, digital newsletters, press releases, video clips, webinars, etc.
  • Utilize database information to create deeper patron connections through targeted email campaigns, follow-ups, and audience surveys.
  • Research new and emerging technology and marketing resources to drive visibility and brand recognition for Symphoria.
  • Utilize analytical tools to track and report on performance of paid content, social media, and organic search results.
  • Develop organizational strategies and tactics that conform to budget priorities to promote seasonal events.
  • Maintain a calendar for all planned marketing efforts, and adjust promotions based on sales performance.
  • Identify and cultivate strategic media and PR partnerships to ensure key successes in Symphoria’s marketing efforts
  • Utilize skills and expertise of marketing committee members, and coordinate meetings, member recruitment and reporting
  • Undertaking any secondary tasks and duties


  • College degree in marketing, public relations, advertising, and/or communications, arts administration, or the equivalent in work experience.
  • Excellent writing, research, and interpersonal communication skills are a must.
  • Experience in researching topics, writing, and editing content for websites using Wordpress, social media, newsletters, press releases, articles, and collateral.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Premiere Pro, InDesign, and Illustrator).
  • Proficient with Customer Relationship Management systems (experience with Salesforce
  • Experience with targeted electronic marketing campaigns.
  • Expertise reviewing web analytics, tracking, and calculating campaign returns on investments (ROI)
  • The ability to handle multiple tasks and projects simultaneously
  • Team-oriented attitude and commitment to be an active participant in Symphoria’s organizational culture
  • Self-starter with the ability to prioritize work assignments under tight deadlines, make independent decisions, and collaborate effectively with professionals.
  • Excellent communication and organization skills
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule, to include evenings and weekends
  • A passion for symphonic music
  • Enthusiasm for checklists, spreadsheets, and calendars
  • Curiosity, a willingness to learn new things, and the ability to creatively solve problems in
    a collaborative setting
  • The ability to work with staff and volunteers to achieve organizational goals for earned revenue and audience development.

How to Apply: Please email a cover letter, résumé, representative portfolio items, and 3 professional references in one attachment with Marketing Manager in the subject line to:


Join the Symphoria team and experience the excitement of a growing arts nonprofit! Located in downtown Syracuse, Symphoria is Central New York’s professional symphony orchestra and features a core of 50 experienced musicians who are committed to Central New York. Founded in December 2012, Symphoria operates as a professional co-op – one of only two orchestras structured this way in the U.S. – with musicians at the heart of the organization. Symphoria currently reaches more than 100,000 Central New York community members of all ages through more than 50 concerts each year in venues large and small, including a summer season of up to 10 free outdoor performances in parks throughout the region.

Our mission is to engage and inspire community members throughout CNY through outstanding orchestral and ensemble performances, and innovative education and outreach initiatives.

MARKETING, including managing social media, post-concert surveys and analysis, website updates and content enhancement, materials distribution, and targeted audience development;

DEVELOPMENT, including donor and sponsor benefit fulfillment and tracking, event coordination and support, on-line foundation and corporate research, and database support;

CONCERT PRODUCTION, including assisting with concert set-up and strike, hospitality for guest artists and conductors, and a variety of pre- and post-concert responsibilities;

EDUCATION & OUTREACH, including communicating with area educators, assisting with the development and distribution of program materials, research and development of program assessment tools, and on-site support for Symphoria outreach initiatives.

MUSIC LIBRARY, including preparing music for distribution, expanding our music library database, ordering, copying, and bowing parts, and assisting Symphoria’s music librarian as needed.

The successful candidate(s) will demonstrate a commitment to excellence, and the capacity to work both independently and as part of a team. Interns must demonstrate excellent organization skills, computer literacy in all standard programs (graphics expertise a plus), attention to detail, and well developed communication and interpersonal skills. Must be able to lift up to 25 lbs. Symphoria offers a flexible schedule, with a minimum commitment of at least 10 hrs/wk.


Interested candidates please email a cover letter, resume, and contact information for 3 references to: Pamela Murchison, Managing Director, at Please include INTERN in the subject line. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until these positions are filled.


If you are interested in volunteering as an usher for our Spark, Casual or Kids concerts, please contact Emily Bass at or call the Box Office at (315) 299-5598 x201.