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All shows at Inspiration Hall at 10:30am. Kids under 18 are always free


Music and sports are closely related, in that they both require hard work, practice, and dedication.   With the winter Olympics starting just a few days after this performance, Symphoria Associate Conductor Christian Capocaccia and the orchestra explore well known works associated with sports, speed, and the Olympic Games.   Symphoria’s Instrument Discovery Zone opens at […]

Orchestrated specifically with families in mind, these hour-long performances held at Inspiration Hall have an interactive pre-concert component. Embark on a symphonic safari or get to know the orchestra and the instruments. Admission for children under 18 is always free, so bring the whole family.

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Great music connects us as community members, at every age and in every walk of life. From Brahms to Broadway, and from movie scores to Mozart, Symphoria performances will inspire you. Help us keep symphonic music alive in Central New York for everyone to enjoy.