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Section Violin Audition Repertoire

Section Violin Audition Repertoire

Please note: All repertoire is subject to change.

  • Mozart - Exposition of the first movement of Concerto 3, 4, or 5 (no cadenza)
    Major Romantic or 20th Century concerto: 1st movement
  • Brahms - Symphony no. 4, 4th mvmt: mm.33-81 (Reh. D)
  • Debussy - La Mer, 2nd mvmt: Reh 33 to 6 after Reh 38
  • Mendelssohn - Midsummer Night’s Dream, Scherzo: beginning to m.100 (Reh E)
  • Schumann - Symphony no. 2, Scherzo: Beginning (with repeat) through m.48
  • Strauss - Don Juan: page 1 (up to m.62)
  • Bartok - Concerto for Orchestra, 5th mvmt: m.265 to downbeat of m.317 - top line
  • Beethoven - Symphony No. 9, 2nd mvmt (Scherzo): beginning to m.85
  • Mahler - Symphony No. 9, 1st mvmt: 8 before Reh 14 to Reh 15
  • Mozart - Magic Flute Overture: m.16 to downbeat of m.59
  • Mozart - Symphony No. 41, 4th mvmt: mm.272-313 (F to G)

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