Joseph Morag, acclaimed by the New York Times for his “gorgeous
tone,” and “physically expressive cues,” has performed extensively as a
soloist, chamber musician, and orchestral violinist. He studied with
Aaron Rosand under the prestigious Dolan Prize, awarded by Columbia
University. Joseph has also studied conducting under Joshua Gersen at
the New York Youth Symphony’s Apprentice Conducting Program, Victor
Yampolsky at the Wintergreen Music Festival, and Michael Jinbo at the
Monteux Festival. In 2019, he was music director of the Columbia New
Opera Workshop.

As a violinist, Joseph has appeared as soloist and concertmaster with
the Vancouver Symphony, Columbia University Orchestra, Empire Chamber
Orchestra, New York Youth Symphony, and National Orchestral Institute
Festival Orchestra. Currently, Joseph plays with the Chelsea Symphony,
Montclair Orchestra, and Symphoria.

Joseph holds a Bachelor’s degree in physics from Columbia University,
magna cum laude, and a Master’s degree from New York University in music
technology. His thesis OpenStrings, a platform for string players to
share fingerings for difficult passages, can be found at

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