Fred, a native of New York City, graduated from Ithaca College where he studied violin and chamber music. His most influential teachers were Donald Weilerstein, Thomas Michalak, Einar Holm and the original Hungarian String Quartet.

While still in college, Fred performed for many Upstate orchestras, including the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra. Upon graduation, he joined the Symphony full time and has dedicated himself to the musical life of Central New York as a professional violinist, chamber musician and teacher. He has taught all levels of strings from elementary public school through high school, as well as a college adjunct at Hamilton College.

Festival appearances have taken Fred to Spoleto, Italy and Charleston, South Carolina, as well as our own Skaneateles Lake, where he was a founding performer of the Skaneateles Festival in his early years.

During his 43-year tenure with the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra, Fred saw the orchestra grow and expand its outreach and scope. He performed in its first violin section and String Quartet program in performances, which have taken him all over the East Coast in addition to its regional concerts in Central and Northern New York. He is truly saddened by the demise of this organization and hopes that Symphoria will be a worthy and equally cherished successor in the hearts of Central New Yorkers.

In his “real life”, Fred is the proud husband of Christine, a gifted vocalist and educator, who has distinguished herself in solo performances with Syracuse Opera as well as the Symphony. Of his three adult children, only his daughter Elizabeth has followed him and Christine in the musical world, performing on Broadway and across the country as a “triple threat” singing actress. His two sons have real jobs, Michael as a high school teacher and Daniel in the financial industry.

When not performing, rehearsing, practicing, teaching, or listening to music, Fred can usually be found in some kind of athletic endeavor. His favorite is probably racquetball, which he has taught professionally and competed at a high level for over 40 years. Softball and golf also occupy his time during the appropriate seasons.

As Symphoria works to establish itself as a pillar of the arts community in Syracuse, Fred asks all of you to support it, as well as all the arts in our area. Especially when we face difficult times in our lives, it is music that we turn to be comforted and uplifted. Fine music endures through the ages, and our lives and the lives of our children would be diminished without the beauty of musical geniuses like Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.

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