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2016-2017 Season / Pops / Superheroes & Villains Of The Silver Screen
All performances at 7:30pm at Crouse-Hinds Theater
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Sean O'Loughlin | CONDUCTOR
Dancers from the Ballet and Dancer Center

Superheroes & Villains Of The Silver Screen

Principal pops conductor Sean O'Loughlin and Symphoria take a trip to the movies with this performance featuring some of the most famous Superheroes and Villains of all time.

WILLIAMS: Superman
ELFMAN: Batman Theme
ZIMMER: Batman Begins
WILLIAMS: Jurassic Park: The Lost World
BADELT/Arr. Ricketts: Pirates of the Caribbean
ELFMAN/Arr. Wasson: Spiderman   
GOLDSMITH: Supergirl
BECK/Arr. O’Loughlin: Antman
SILVESTRI/Arr. O’Loughlin: Captain America
HOWARD/Arr. Ricketts/Lavender: King Kong
POWELL/Arr. O’Loughlin: How to Train Your Dragon
WILLIAMS: Flight to Neverland
WILLIAMS: Imperial March

Superheroes & Villains Of The Silver Screen

7:30pm | Crouse-Hinds Theater

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