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2018-2019 Season / Kids / A Melodic Life
All performances at 10:30am at Inspiration Hall

DIANE JONES | narrator

Trace the life of Bob, a lighthearted melody from childhood to middle age. Bob experiences many of life's events such as going to school, playing sports and even getting a job.

Symphoria’s Instrument Discovery Zone opens at 10AM, prior to all Kids’ series performances.   Thanks to the Central New York Association of Music Teachers for presenting the Discovery Zone at this performance.

A Melodic Life

10:30am | Inspiration Hall

Artist Information:

Diane Jones

Don’t be surprised if Diane Jones' voice seems familiar. She is the mid-day host on WCNY-FM, Central New York's Classical Radio Station, and the host and producer of "Feminine Fusion," a weekly syndicated program highlighting women in the classical music world. You may even catch a glimpse of her on WCNY-TV now and then.

Besides her work on the radio, Diane is an active composer, with works commissioned by Mélomanie, the Society for New Music, and the Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation, among others. Her music is included on half a dozen CDs, from Trio Casals, trombonist Haim Avitsur, and two SAMMY Award-winning releases by Samba Laranja. She has collaborated with ensembles, filmmakers, and choreographers, and has completed five residencies in Syracuse area middle schools.

Diane is active in the local arts community, playing contrabass flute with the Central New York Flute Choir, performing with Samba Laranja, writing supertitles and co-hosting the pre-show talks with Syracuse Opera, and will soon be appearing as God with Oswego Opera Theater. She is excited to share The Melodic Life with Symphoria and with you today!

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